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Mini-Grant Frequently Asked Questions

I already have tenure. Am I still eligible for the Research Innovation Seed Grant? 

Yes. The Research Innovation Seed Grant is for faculty who are either already have tenure, or are tenure-eligible, but are not new to the university this year.

I am adjunct faculty interested in research. Am I eligible for either the New Faculty Start-Up or Research Innovation Seed Grant?

No. The mini-grants are for full-time faculty who are tenured or tenure-eligible.

My research uses human subjects. Is it necessary for me to have IRB approval before I submit my Research Innovation or New Faculty Start-Up proposal?

No. If your research requires IRB approval, you will need to submit your request for IRB review prior to submission of your proposal, but it is not necessary that you have completed the process and gained approval.

Are there overhead costs associated with the New Faculty and/or Research Innovation grant?

There are no overhead costs associated with either grants. Your budget should be for specific items that are required to complete the objectives identified in your proposal.

Am I eligible to compete for the Degree Completion Funding if I am working on a Master’s degree?

Only if the Master’s degree you are working toward is considered a terminal degree in your field. This funding is only available for faculty or staff working to complete a terminal degree.

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Franklin Beckwith, who is blind, couldn’t see the expanse of the current campus. But, he said he wants to be a part of educating the next generation and contribute to the school’s growth. Thus, he proudly delivered a check for $60,000 to Bethune-Cookman University, and quietly asked that the funds be used to help current students pay for their education.


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