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Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Parents

What does the Office of the Provost do?

The Office of the Provost oversees the academic programs of the University.  The primary task of the Provost's office is to assure the quality of the University’s academic programs.  The Vice-President and Associate Vice-President in the Office of the Provost also approve the hire of new faculty, evaluate faculty performance, and guide the process of accreditation for the University and its academic programs.

How can theOffice of the Provosthelp me?

If you have questions about academic programs, faculty, or Deans, the Office of the Provost is your ultimate point of contact (see below on the first steps in finding answers for these questions).  If you have questions about the Presidential Scholarship, the Excelsior Scholarships, and the Academic Merit Award, the Office of the Provost is also your point of contact.

When should I visit theOffice of the Provost?

If you have questions about a faculty member or a class, you should take the following steps to receive the best possible service from the University:

  • 1. First speak to the instructor of that particular class.
  • 2. If you do not receive a satisfactory answer to your question, speak to the academic school dean for the class or instructor about which you have a concern.
  • 3. If the matter is still not resolved, then it is time to bring it to the Office of the Provost.

When you visit the Office of the Provost after following the preceding steps, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire that will inquire about your concern and what steps you have taken to resolve the concern.  At this point, if you need the assistance of the Office of the Provost, you will be directed to the administrator or staff member designated to deal with your particular concern.

When I need help from theOffice of the Provost, whom do I contact?

The answer depends on the kind of concern you have.  The initial point of contact in the Office of the Provost is the Receptionist/Secretary, Ms. Donna Radcliff.  When you visit the Office, Ms. Radcliff will inquire about your reasons for needing assistance, will give you the forms you need to complete in order to have your needs met, and will assist you in every way possible.

When I need help with ________, which administrator or staff person do I contact?

For your initial contact, please contact the Receptionist/Secretary, Ms. Donna Radcliff.

For information about Presidential or Excelsior Scholarships and the Academic Merit Award, please contact Ms. Donna Radcliff.

For information about grade appeals, academic probation, and other academic matters, Ms. Donna Radcliff.

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