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Frequently Asked Questions for the Registrar's Office


  1. How do I receive a transcript?
    a.    See registrar@cookman.edu web page to print a transcript request form to mail or fax to the Registrar’s Office.

  2. Registration
  3. I cannot register on the Wildcat Web…there is a financial hold on my account.  What do I need to do?
    a.    You will need to contact the Student Accounts Office showing proof that you have enough financial aid to cover the cost of tuition for the upcoming semester and tell the Student Accounts Office how you will cover any balance (if there is a balance), and
    b.    They will clear you to register.
    c.    Then you would need to go back to the Wildcat Web and change the term to Fall 2009 and proceed to register for classes.

  4. What happens if I forget to accept my schedule by the deadline? 
    a.    If students forget to accept their schedules, schedules will be deleted, and they must register again before the last day to add classes.

  5. May I get a refund for classes that I drop? 
    a.    Refunds are handled in the Student Accounts Office, which posts the deadline for a refund.   The refund policy is printed in the current catalog.  Students may only receive refunds for courses that are cancelled by the university.

  6. What happens if I register for a class but decide not to attend the class?
    a.    Students must drop courses by the last day to register (end of first week of class) to avoid being charged for classes they do not attend.

  7. When can I register? 
    a.    [Please check the dates on the current year academic calendar for early online registration and on-site registration and inform the person inquiring.]

  8. What is considered full-time status? 
    a.    A student registered for 12 or more hours is full-time.

  9. What is considered part-time status?
    a.    A student registered for less than 12 hours is part-time.

  10. Why can’t I register now?
    a.     New students must take placement tests before they can register unless they have been exempted.

  11. How can I know if I have been exempted
    a.    Refer to the Testing Office in Faith Hall

  12. What is the placement test?
    a.    The placement test consists of three parts-reading, English, and math?

  13. Why do I have to take the test?
    a.    It is the administrative academic policy.

  14. How high I need to score in order to take all college courses?
    a.    The Testing Center will be able to assist you with that information when you schedule your testing appointment.

  15. I will be arriving late, when can I register?
    a.    Please notify the Admissions Office, they will notify other departments

  16. I am dissatisfied – how do I get my monies back?
    a.    Refer to student accounts office.  (If registered and classes have started-student must withdraw)

  17. If I withdraw from school, do I have to submit a re-admission application form?  Yes
    a.    Students may complete an Application for Re-Admission, by July 30 for the fall semester or by November 30 for the spring semester. The nonrefundable application fee is $25.00. The student will be informed in writing of the decision by the Registrar’s Office.  Former students whose college education has been interrupted for five or more years must complete the most recent curriculum in the major as shown in the current undergraduate catalog. Before proceeding in the major area, students re-entering after 10 years or more will be required to demonstrate proficiency, through examination, in courses previously taken at B-CU.

  18. Graduation

  19. How soon will I receive my diploma after completing graduation requirements?
    a.    Degrees will be conferred at the Spring Semester Commencement.  Diplomas will be ordered after Commencement and mailed (along with 2 complimentary transcripts) to graduates at the address indicated on the degree application.  The entire process normally takes 8 to 10 weeks.

  20. Because I am majoring in English and English Education will I only receive one degree that states English because this is my first major? I know that I must fill out a separate degree application for each major.
    a.    Since the degrees are both Bachelor of Arts degrees, you will receive only diploma with both English and English Education on it.

  21. I plan on graduating this December and when I was filling out my degree application, I noticed that under the heading "Date Degree to Be Awarded" that it does not give me the option to graduate in the fall (December). Does this mean that students who are graduating in December do not have the option to receive their degrees upon completing their courses in December?
    a.    Students may complete their graduation requirements in the fall (December).  For students who finish all graduating requirements in the fall, the official date on the transcript and diploma will be the last day of fall session.
    b.    However degrees are only conferred and awarded by the President at the Spring Commencement.   Diplomas are mailed to graduates 10 weeks after the ceremony, if students are financially cleared by Student Accounts and have completed the financial aid exit interview with the Financial Aid Office.

  22. Why was the December graduation eliminated as an option? I am not referring to the Commencement Ceremony because I know that is only offered once a year in the spring.
    a.    The question asks “Date Degree to be awarded” which is in the spring semester.  The student fills in the year.   December is not an option since degrees/diplomas are only conferred and awarded in the spring semester.

  23. I may not be attending the Spring Commencement ceremony and would like for my degree to be dated December _____.  If I were to attend the Spring Commencement Ceremony would my name still be marked as a December graduate? 
    a.    For students who finish all graduating requirements in the fall, the official date on the transcript and diploma will be the last day of fall session.  If students attend the Spring (May) ceremony, their names would be marked as a December graduate.

  24. For Bethune-Cookman University students taking courses at other institutions during their last semester, the Registrar’s Office must receive official documentation from transfer institutions indicating the FINAL grade.   If the students have satisfied all academic requirements and financial obligations from Bethune-Cookman University, they may participate in the Commencement Convocation.    In order for the Registrar’s Office to post the official graduation date on the transcript and release the student’s diploma and official transcript, we must receive the official transcript from the transfer institution.  The transfer grade will then be posted within two days of receipt of the transcript from the other institution. 
    a.    Diplomas and two complimentary official transcripts will be mailed to addresses indicated on degree applications approximately six to eight weeks after Commencement.   If there is any change in the preferred mailing address, students should notify the Registrar’s Office in writing.  Additional official transcripts may be requested at any time at a cost of $5.00 per copy, and unofficial transcripts are $3.00 per copy.  Transcript requests must be in writing and mailed or personally delivered to the Registrar’s Office.  Requests cannot be accepted by phone.  Payment by Money Order or Cashier Check must accompany the written request.  Personal checks are not accepted; requests made with personal checks will be returned to the sender unprocessed. The following information must be included in the written request:  Student’s full-name (include maiden & married names), Date of birth, Social Security Number, Dates of Attendance, Graduation Date, Payment (money order or authorization number if paid via credit card), and Full address of recipient. Upon receipt of requests, there is a normal 5-7 business days turnaround time for transcripts to be mailed.  During peak periods, such as registration and grading periods, the turnaround time may be up to 14 days.  If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the University Registrar’s Office at (386) 481-2520, (386) 481-2519, (386) 481-2525, or email at registrar@cookman.edu.                                    

  25. Transfer of Credit

  26. DEVELOPMENTAL COURSES NOT TRANSFERABLE:  Although Bethune-Cookman University accepts courses transferred from other institutions that lead to a college degree at this institution, it does not accept developmental/remedial courses from another institution.  

Revision Dates:  1/29/09; 2/19/09;7/21/09;10/30/09

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