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Daytona Beach Writing Project Summer Institute

The four week Summer Institute will be held July 11 to August 5, 2011, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Each Attendee must agree to attend daily and complete the assignments.  We are teachers teaching teachers!  Workshop Attendees agree to work with their peers in an environment of encouragement, positive criticism, and support.  Upon completion, each Attendee is eligible to receive six graduate credit hours as well as a certificate as National Writing Project Teacher Consultant.

Teacher Demonstrations:  The Facilitators (NWP Teacher Consultants) will model a 60 minute presentation that engages the Attendees in writing and provides a theoretical basis for effectiveness.  Each Attendee will sign up for a date to present a demonstration.  This Teacher Demonstration will be an essential block of every morning of the Summer Institute and presents the opportunity for each Attendee to share best practices in writing instruction. 
The Directors, Facilitators, and the other Attendees seek to help the Demonstrator develop the best teaching demonstration, and the Demonstrator understands that this “work in progress” can be improved and perfected with feedback from the other teachers, much like polishing a rough draft of any writing piece.

Proposed Writing Activities: All types of writing will be included in the activities as a diversity of disciplines and grade levels is being addressed:  free writing, journal writing, research writing, report writing, and descriptive writing.  An anthology of writings developed during the Institute will be published electronically at the end of the Summer Institute. 

The goal is for each Attendee to produce three polished writing pieces of various genres as well as a documented inquiry article dealing with a particular question or educational topic of interest.  This documented article will be based on readings of published works as well as interviews with other teachers and the writer’s personal reflection.  A copy of this research article along with two other pieces of writing will be uploaded to the DBWP site for all to access.

A Heritage Luncheon will be held on the Wednesday of the second week where Attendees will bring a special family food, the recipe, and a sharing of why this particular food is representative of their heritage.  This activity will be a culmination of the first suggested writing piece based on “My Heritage.”  

Reading and Research: Tuesday afternoons will be “topic research” where teachers will be assigned to similar grade-level groups and will research an issue of their choice pertinent to writing instruction at their student level.  The University has excellent on-line journals and education resources that will be available for the groups to access, and group members will be asked to bring articles and books as sources for research of this topic.

Response Groups:   Writing/Revising/Editing Response Groups will meet three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons).  These small groups will be opportunities to collaborate on writing and share suggestions and ideas for improvement.  The principles of support and encouragement will guide the groups as they help each other edit pieces.

Continuity/Inservice programs:  After completion of the Summer Institute in July 2011, Attendees will attend two Renewal Meetings, one in fall and one in spring; they will share their demonstration/knowledge with faculty at their school/department.  Opportunity for paid workshops in writing instruction may be available through the Daytona Beach Writing Project.

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