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Willis W. Walter, Jr. Dean

Dr. Willis W. Walter Jr.

Welcome and Greetings from the College of Education!

Bethune-Cookman University has the wonderful reputation of producing teacher education graduates who go on to be recognized in their first or second years of teaching as Outstanding Educators in the counties where they work. This comes as no surprise to the faculty and staff of the University’s College of Education!

The Faculty and Staff in the College of Education are committed to producing professional educators who have mastered both content and delivery, who are well-suited for the demands and challenges of today’s classrooms, and who recognize and, through their actions, support the intrinsic value of diversity. Students who select the College of Education as their “home” will find faculty members who hold students to the highest standards while providing them with the nurturing and support that will make the difference in the caliber of educator they will ultimately become.

The Mission of the College of Education is to develop advocates for educational causes and effective educational justice leaders. Our goal is to create a student-centered environment. Such environments allow future educators unlimited opportunities for growth and reflection. Inherent in the Mission of the College of Education is also the fundamental belief that effective educators must be competent, must be caring, and must be committed to providing quality instruction to all learners.

We have exciting programs of study, exceptional faculty and staff, and the most astute students! Please call or visit us anytime to see what we have to offer.

Willis W. Walter, Jr. Ph.D.

Dean, College of Education


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