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Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Cynthia Polk-Johnson Cynthia Polk-Johnson
Interim Vice-President for Student Affairs & Enrollement Management
Phone: 386-481-2494
Email: johnsoncy@cookman.edu 
Kathleen Welch Kathleen Welch
Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
Phone: 386-4812495
Email: welchk@cookman.edu 
Valencia Cooper Valencia Cooper
Assistant Vice-President
for Assessment and Disability Services
Phone: 386-481-2170
Email: cooperv@cookman.edu 
Warren Heusner Warren Heusner
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 
Phone: 386-481-2620
Email: heusnerw@cookman.edu
Cathy Washington Cathy Washington
Director of Special Projects & Programs
Phone: 386-481-2540
Email: washinca@cookman.edu 

Counseling Services
Shatira Jacobs Shatira Jacobs
Assistant Director
Counseling Services
Phone: 386-481-2765
Email: jacobss@cookman.edu 

Student Conduct
Gregory Smith Gregory Smith
Director of Student Conduct
Phone: 386-481-2901
Email: smtihgr@cookman.edu 

David AllenRev. David Allen
Dean of the Chapel / Executive Chaplain
Phone: 386-481-2497
Email: allend@cookman.edu
Kenya LovellRev. Kenya Lovell
Phone: 386-481-2454
Email: lovellk@cookman.edu  
Connie McMillian Connie McMillian
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2249
Email: mcmillianc@cookman.edu 

Student Health Services
Lois Dean Lois Dean
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2920
Email: deanl@cookman.edu 
Cesarino Bello Cesarina Bello
Assistant Director of Student Health Services / Staff Nurse
Phone: 386-481-2157
Email: belloc@cookman.edu 

Residence Life Services
Cletra Peters Cletra Peters
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 386-481-2142
Email: petersc@cookman.edu 
John Range John Range
Assistant Director for Facilities
and Operations
Phone: 386-481-6297
Email: rangejo@cookman.edu 
Mildred Horne Mildred Horne
Administrative Assistant,
Residence Life
Phone: 386-481-2424
Email: hornem@cookman.edu 
Jessica Dickson Jessica Dickson
Assistant Director/Resident Life Coordinator
Curtis Hall
Phone: 386-481-2193
Email: dicksonj@cookman.edu 
Carretta King-Butler Carretta King-Butler
Residence Life Coordinator,
Ja-Flo Hall
Phone: 386-481-2434
Email: butlerc@cookman.edu 
Diane Murray Diane Murray
Residence Life Coordinator,
Scholarship & Leadership Houses
Phone: 386-481-2597
Email: murrayd@cookman.edu 
Deneen Adams Deneen Adams
Residence Life Coordinator,
Meigs Hall
Phone: 386-481-2432
Email: adamsd@cookman.edu 
Steven Campbell Steven Campbell
Residence Life Coordinator,
LeFerve Hall
Phone: 386-481-2422
Email: campbells@cookman.edu 
William StaffordWilliam Stafford
Residence Life Coordinator,
Lee Rhyant
Phone: 386-481-2881
Email: staffordw@cookman.edu

Student Invovlement Services

Donielle Cyprian Donielle Cyprian
Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Student Leardership and Activities
Wildcat Student Center Suite #4
Phone: 386-481-2117
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: cypriand@cookman.edu 
Carolyn Reynolds Carolyn Reynolds
Administrative Assistant
Student Involvement
Wildcat Student Center, Suite #6
Phone: 386-481-2425
Email: reynoldc@cookman.edu 
Cynthia Gray Cynthia B. Gray
Coordinator of Intramurals and Recreation Programs
and Organizations
Wildcat Student Center
Phone: 386-481-2172
Fax: 386-481-2895
Email: grayc@cookman.edu 
Jessica Horton Jessica Horton
Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement
Wildcat Student Center Suite #1
Phone: 386.481.2130
Fax: 386. 481.2895
Email: Jessica.horton

Patricia KreslPatricia Kresl
Phone: 386-481-2523
Email: kreslp@cookman.edu 
Loretta Cooper Loretta Cooper
Temp. Transcript Specialist/Records
Phone: 386-481-2544
Email: cooperl@cookman.edu 
Tammy Gray Tammy Gray
Data Analyst/VA Representative
Phone: 386-481-2521
Email: grayt@cookman.edu 
Ossie Hall Ossie Hall
Supervisor of Records
Phone: 386-481-2583
Email: hallo@cookman.edu 
Cherryann Willis Cherryann R. Willis
Student Service Specialist
Phone: 386-481-2528
Email: willisc@cookman.edu &
Elaine Gerty Elaine Gerty
Front Office Manager
Phone: 386-481-2522
Email: gertye@cookman.edu 

Financial Aid Services
Calvin DavisCalvin Davis
Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 386-481-2781
Email: davisca@cookman.edu 
Salina Hamilton Mrs. Salina C.D. Hamilton
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Phone: 386-481-2628
Email: hamiltonsd@cookman.edu
Sarah Austin Sarah Austin
Sr. Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2685
Email: austins@cookman.edu 
Kathy Desmore-Reeves Kathy Desmore-Reeves
Financial Aid Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2622
Email: desmorek@cookman.edu 
Veronica Evans Veronica Evans
Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2024
Email: evansv@cookman.edu 
Mary Fikes Mary Fikes
Financial Advisor
Phone: 386-481-2629
Email: fikesm@cookman.edu 
Shaila Estes Shaila Estes
Imaging Coordinator
Phone: 386-481-2630
Email: estess@cookman.edu 

Admissions Services

Junelle McCall, Associate Director of AdmissionsJunelle McCall
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 386-481-2607
Email: mccallj@cookman.edu 
Malik Billy "Malik" Dajuste
Senior Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2606
Email: dajusteb@cookman.edu 
Gerald Richardson, Admissions Counselor Gerald Richardson
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2617
Email: richardsong@cookman.edu 
Ronda Bostick, Admissions Counselor Ronda Bostick
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2647
Email: bostickr@cookman.edu 
Treran Porter, Admissions Counselor Treran Porter
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2615
Email: portert@cookman.edu 
Stacey Speller Stacey Speller
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 386-481-2612
Email: spellers@cookman.edu 
Sheila Kogan Sheila Kogan
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2613
Email: kogans@cookman.edu 
Janice McIntosh Janice McIntosh
Tour Coordinator
Phone: 386-481-2645
Email: mcintoshj@cookman.edu 
Christina Arnold Christina Arnold
Tour Coordinator Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2610
Email: arnoldc@cookman.edu 
Pauline Cola Pauline Cola
Correspondence & Credentials Manager
Phone: 386-481-2641
Email: colap@cookman.edu 
Debbie Dionne Debbie Dionne
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2611
Email: dionned@cookman.edu 
Sherry Goulet Sherri Goulet
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2609
Email: goulets@cookman.edu 
Marie Thompson Marie Thompson
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2616
Email: thompsonm@cookman.edu 

Jamaler Cooper Jamaler Cooper
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2608
Email: cooperj@cookman.edu 
Tanesha Strickland Tanesha Strickland
Correspondence & Credentials Assistant
Phone: 386-481-2618
Email: stricklandt@cookman.edu 

The latest news from wildcat country...

Congresswoman Corrine Brown To Visit B-CU On Monday

Brown Will Bring 12 Pre-Teenage Girls From Jacksonville to Explore the Campus and Discuss How Congress Can Help HBCUs.


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