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Department of Aging Studies

Department of Aging Studies

B.S. Aging Studies

The Bachelor of Science degree program in aging studies focuses on the human aging process and aged human populations, using the knowledge and methodologies of biology, health sciences and social sciences. It includes instruction through a multidisciplinary approach to develop, transmit, and apply gerontology knowledge to current and future issues of our aging society. With a bachelor's degree in aging studies, students are prepared for graduate study, whereby they may assume administrative and research positions. Also, a Bachelor of Science degree prepares students for employment in community and government agencies, retirement communities, and the network of aging services/healthcare agencies.

Minor in Aging Studies:
The minor consists of 18 hours, all of which must be completed at Bethune-Cookman University.

Course Requirements:

Aging Studies - 9 hours

  • GR 310 - Cellular and Physiologic Aspects of Aging
  • GR 335 - Minority Aging
  • GR 390 - Psychology of Aging

Aging Studies Practicum - 6 hours

  • GR 490 – Aging Studies Practicum

Sociology 3 hours

  • SOG 337 - Death and Dying
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