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Web Training

The University uses a Web Content Management System, or CMS, to organize and display the content that you see when you are looking at web pages in our site. This system helps us produce a consistent and accessible website, while reducing the amount of technical skill required to publish high quality web pages. After training in the CMS, our web content providers can build and edit web pages and sites with little or no assistance.

A new look and feel

The CMS that we use is called Cascade Server. In 2008, Web Services rolled out a major upgrade to our CMS solution. Cascade Server changed the look and feel of the University site to reflect our new University 'brand'. The improved CMS solution allows Web Services to manage the website's content and visual design through the use of web page templates. These templates ensure that the University's visual identity (or brand) is applied consistently across pages in all sites.

Each school and various departments across campus will designate a Web Content Provider for their area. This person will attend web content training before given access to modify any web pages. Once trained the Web Content Provider will then be given access to modify authorized web pages. There will be a approval process before any content is published live to the Internet, the Dean/Director/Vice President, Web Services as well as Public Relations will be apart of the approval process. Training opportunities will be available soon.

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