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Campus Safety



Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Campus Safety is to support the mission and Core Values of Bethune-Cookman University by promoting a safe and secure higher education environment, building partnerships to identify and recommend solutions for improving the quality of life on campus.

Vision Statement

DCS will become a premier campus safety department by providing innovative and industry standard security strategies.  This will be accomplished by implementing safe campus initiatives, developing strategic partnerships, and increasing professional development opportunities to equip students, faculty, staff, and community members with the best systems, practices, and networks to achieve the highest quality of safety standards.

Department of Campus Safety Priorities. Operational priorities for DCS include:

●      Integrity and ethical behavior at all times

●      Respect for the rules of law and the dignity of all human beings

●      Acceptance of full responsibility and accountability for our actions

●      Empathy and compassion for others

●      Direct communication that permits and encourages healthy disagreements

●      Resolving differences in a mutually supportive and positive way

●      Individual and team effective in solving security and crime related problems on B-CU    


●      Exceptional response to B-CU community needs

●      Equal protection and service to all regardless of economic status and diversity of faith

●      Continual commitment to personal and professional growth

●      Responsible and creative management of our resources

●      Excellence and continuous improvement in all we do


The Department of Campus Safety(DCS) is committed to serve students, faculty, and staff with the highest level of safety and security for all concerns.  DCS strives to be highly proactive in maintaining a safe and secure academic environment to support student success. 

As part of this comprehensive effort, DCS works with members of the B-CU community to strengthen investigative processes to solve crime and prevent repeat offenses. The Department also works with various University departments to issue campus safety alerts, provide vehicle battery charges, vehicle unlocking services, lost and found storage and safety escorts. 

In efforts to empower the B-CU community and promote safety, DCS offers active shooter awareness, incident response, workplace violence, dating violence, and self-defense workshops throughout each academic year.

Some of the most popular programs include:

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Anti-Driving Distractions
  • See Something, Say Something
  • Lock it or Lose it
  • Safety Tips programs
  • Emergency Management programs
  • Wildcat Watch Task Force, which is a student crime watch initiative


Within the Department of Campus Safety the following resources are available:

  • Important Information
  • Engraving Marking Machine
  • Security Marking Pen
  • Personal Property and Book Inventory Log
  • Parking Decals
  • Safe Driving Tips
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