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Crime & Safety Tips

On Campus

  • Stay aware and alert of your surroundings.  Keep your eyes open and trust your instincts.
  • Report suspicious activities to Campus Security immediately.
    Call (386) 481-2900 or in case of emergency call 911.

Your Residential Halls

  • Never leave your door unlocked.  Do not loan your room key to anyone
  • Exterior doors cannot be left open.  Notify your Residential Life Coordinator or Campus Security if you notice exterior doors not locking or latching properly.

Out At Night

  • It is always safer to walk in groups and in well-lit areas.  Familiarize yourself with your travel routes and destinations during daylight hours. 
  • If you feel unsafe while out alone on campus, call Campus Security and someone will gladly escort you.  Only accept rides from people you know.

Your Property

  • Textbooks should be marked with a security marker to protect them from theft.  This marker is available in the Department of Campus Safety office.
  • Complete an inventory on all of your text books and all personal property.
  • Never leave any of your property unattended.  Property left unattended is vulnerable to theft.

Your Vehicle

  • If you have a car or motorcycle parked on B-CU campus, it must be registered with the Department of Campus Safety and have a decal.
  • When parking, keep valuables out of sight.  Either lock them in the trunk or take them with you.  A thief is less likely to be interested in your car if they do not see anything of value.
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