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Payroll Services Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Office of Payroll Services?

We are located in the Doran Building on the 2nd Floor. Our physical address is 1020 International Speedway Blvd, Suite 201. The Doran building is on the corner of Frederick and ISB, just west of Nova Road.

What is Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is an ACH (automated clearing house) transaction that is secure and confidential. Your paycheck is electronically transferred from Paycor into the accounts you've designated. As Direct Deposit is the preferred method of payment for University employees, we encourage everyone to take advantage of this value-added service.

Can I have more than one (1) Direct Deposit account?

Yes. You may have up to three (3). You will need to complete individual forms specifying an amount or percentage of your pay you wish to be deposited. This can be a checking account, savings account or both.

How do I sign-up for Direct Deposit?

You can go to the "forms" section or click on this link (direct deposit link). Complete the form in its entirety, attach a copy of a cancelled check or savings deposit form, sign and deliver to the Payroll Services office. For your convenience, you may scan or fax your forms.

I moved. How do I change my address?

You can change your address by logging onto Paycor Employee Self-Service OR if you do not have access to an internet connection, you may complete a Name/Change of Address form located on the forms site or click the following link (

I've changed my name, what documents do I need?

You will need to complete Name/Change of Address form (click link above) and provide an original state or federally issued document(s) (marriage certificate, divorce decree, social security card) for verification.

What are my vacation and sick day balances?

Currently you will need to contact the Office of Human Resources Management to obtain this information. In the very near future, payroll, will be implementing the time and attendance module through Paycor Employee Self-Service and you will be able to go on-line anytime, anywhere to obtain your leave balances and/or request time off

What is FICA?

FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act) is a combination of Social Security and Medicare Tax. All employees are subject to FICA taxes. Note: this does not apply to students

How do I change the amount of Federal Taxes withheld from my paycheck?

The W4 form is used to determine the amount of taxes withheld from your check. Click on the Forms section or the link below to access the 2013 W4

What if I don't complete a W4 form?

Your taxable status will default to Single with zero allowances

What is a Garnishment?

A garnishment is a court-ordered document that requires the University to withhold a set amount from an employees paycheck until the debt is satisfied

What are the types of garnishments?

There are three basic categories:

  • Child Support
  • Levies (unpaid incomes taxes)
  • Creditor (unpaid creditor obligations)

What if I have a garnishment, how much will be deducted from my pay?

In most cases, court orders specify a dollar amount or percentage to be deducted each pay-period. Should you have questions regarding any type of garnishments or amounts deducted, please contact Payroll Services.

How do I enroll or change my 403(b) MetLife Contribution?

Contact Scott Williams, MetLife Representative at (407) 310-5779 or Scott is also on campus periodically.

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