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Lynette Parks photo

Game Changer: Lynette Parks

Lynette Parks

Bahamian Wildcat Lynette Parks Found Home at B-CU Through Service

By Augustinas Navickas, B-CU Office of Communications, Communications Student Internship Program (CSIP)

Lynette Parks, currently a senior psychology student at Bethune-Cookman University from Nassau, Bahamas, is a great representation of a successful study abroad story. Her work ethic and volunteer experience fit perfectly with B-CU’s mission to serve.

Parks is accustomed to having a beach and year-round warmth. Coming to the World’s Most Famous Beach; however, was a bit of a downsizing experience for Parks, as her home has 274,400 residents compared to Daytona’s 66,000.

Despite the change of environment, on B-CU's campus Parks finds herself feeling like a fish in the water. Here she is able to practice her passion for service as she is a member of the Global Wildcats, the vice president for the Federation of Bahamian Students, and a member of Psi Chi Honor Society. Through her studies and experience outside of the classroom, Parks hopes to gain the necessary knowledge to become an adolescent psychologist after graduating from B-CU.

Following is a short Q&A with Parks:

What are some major cultural differences between Daytona Beach and your home?
The educational system in the United States is different. It’s easier than what I was used to in our school system. The food is also very different and was something I had to adjust to as I was used to home-cooked, highly-seasoned meals. Lastly, some people have different mannerisms from back home. Some people are not as polite and friendly as those in Nassau.

What are your feelings about B-CU?
I love B-CU because it is a very cultured university. Here, one is able to become attached to the family-oriented environment. In addition, here faculty and staff go out of their way to assist the students. Finally, the students here are set on what they want, so they make the most from what campus has to offer each day, which is something I have personally experienced as an international student.

If someone from your home asked for your advice before they attend B-CU, what would you tell them?
I would tell them that this is a very diverse university where the professors are willing to assist you in any way that they can, and that some students are very interested to learn about the culture that they come from. In my opinion, it is very likely that they will have just as good of an experience as I have had here thus far. B-CU would make them feel comfortable to “reach for their dreams” and branch out to things that they never thought they would or could.

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